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Jodie Langel Conservatory Coaching Services and Prescreen Services

Jodie Langel, (jodielangel.com), founder of “Making It on Broadway,” offers students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prepare for the biggest auditions of their careers: College Conservatories! 


If you are a parent or a student, you know how daunting and overwhelming auditioning and applying for college conservatories can be.


During the last ten years, Jodie Langel has helped numerous high school seniors get into major musical theatre and acting programs.
Her  students are currently attending a wide range of schools, including;  Boston Conservatory, Berklee College Of Music, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon, Cincinnati Conservatory, Elon University, Emerson College, Ithaca College, Marymount Manhattan College, University of Michigan, NYU, Pace University, Shenandoah Conservatory, Syracuse University, Texas State University, and many many more.  

What is Jodie Langel Conservatory Coaching Services?

Misson:  To find the best possible material to showcase each student as well as providing tips and tools on their vocals to get the best performance of the song possible.  Jodie will also help each student navigate the difficult world of choosing the right schools and audition material, and help put a plan into action.  Together, both Jodie and the student will put together the most polished, professional and personal audition possible. Each student has something unique and special to show.  Through our process together, we can bring this out, and allow the student to shine and enjoy this incredibly exciting process. This process will start through a series of private lessons that the student can book online on the home page,  BOOK A LESSON.  

5 Steps of College Conservatory Coaching

Step 1) Each student will bring in their audition pieces to Jodie.  if you are not able to do this in person at the Jodie Langel Vocal Studio, you can send the video via Skype.  Jodie will evaluate each student and, through an initial session with both the student and the parent, discuss goals and expectations. Jodie will assess each student and ultimately where they need to be to be in the competitive marketplace to get into a top conservatory.


Step 2) Each student will decide what schools they are attending and, through our session, talk about what each school is requiring for each audition and gather material appropriate for each school because EVERY SCHOOL IS DIFFERENT!   


Step 3) After meeting with the student, Jodie will email a list of 5-10 audition songs that is hand-tailored to fit each student's personality, voice and type.  Jodie has an arsenal of over 400,000 songs, many songs that are not available online or in a store and that are not OVERDONE.   These songs will be carefully chosen for each student and will guarantee the student the chance to stand out from the crowd.  This will save the student and the parent money on buying sheet music and the hastle of getting all of these songs!


Step 4) The student will pick the songs that they like and, through a series of lessons,  Jodie will coach the student on the delivery and mastery of the material.  Additionally, Jodie will provide PDFs of all the songs as well as MP3’s to practice with.  Jodie will also find audition cuts of all the songs for each audition.


Remember, this can all be done via Skype for those of you who do not live in the South Florida area.  Please email me directly at jodie@makingitonbroadway.net to schedule an appointment.


Step 5) Jodie will film the prescreen at her studio with STATE OF THE ART VIDEO AND LIGHTING EQUIPMENT.  When the student is ready for the prescreen, the student will book the PRESCREEN lesson on the Home page.  

Sample Prescreen
Parent Testimonial
Sammy will be attending Cincinnati Conservatory of Music