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Voice Lessons/Coaching

Whether you are a novice singing in school shows or a veteran singer with a dozen theater credits, EVERYONE needs vocal coaching.  I have taught students all over the world, all at different levels in their careers.  I myself, take voice lessons regularly because everyone always needs to train their instrument. It's our life, it's our voice.

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Lessons will cover all or some of the following, based on your needs and goals:

Singing/Vocal Technique

I start each lesson with a warm up.   This will be a healthy open sound, a technique that we can translate into any style of singing that each student wants to improve upon. This includes both classical singing and belting.   I can work with classical singers who want to further and improve their skills as singers and open their sound more.  I can also work with singers who want to "Belt."   Belting can get a bad rap if it's not done properly.  I can count over a dozen singers that I have turned into INCREDIBLE belters.  I will provide a technique that can further your belting and enable you to hit that note that you just can't seem to quite "hit."

For the novice, you too will start with vocal warm ups.  We will slowly build your confidence, get that solo you want to get in school and help you one day be the singer you dreamed of being.    I can only use my personal experience as a barometer, but I started off as a "belter."  When I went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts they matched me with a classical teacher to help increase my range.  I learned the skills of how to sing classically and then learned how to make my "belting" technique healthier.  A few months later, I got an audition for "Les Miserables" on Broadway for the understudy for both Cosette and Eponine. These two roles couldn't be any more different.  One is classical and one is belting.   I sang all the material for both characters and I got the part. That day changed my life. I now want to impart everything I learned about the ability to sing in both singing styles to others.  "Les Miserables" was my first Broadway show and an experience that has shaped my ability as a teacher and performer.

Building your audition book/Getting you new songs

 As you saw on the video, one of my specialties is getting students great audition songs.   This can be for upcoming auditions, college auditions, for new singers who are looking for what songs would be good for them, or someone who has what I call a "bad audition book."  I can talk about this endlessly, but bad audition books are the most common thing  I see with performers, both beginners and professionals alike.   I have over 400,000 songs in my arsenal of songs, and I can assess a student and match to what songs would be good for them to sing as soon as they start singing.  Good audition songs are based on each student's personality, voice range, physical type and what works for them as both a performer and a person.  To some I am known as the audition song "queen."  I rather like that title and I PROMISE when you come to my studio you will get the BEST audition songs for you.

Audition material and MP3s only

 Have an audition coming up and you just need a song and a track?  Don't worry, you have come to the right place!  I have many songs that you cannot find online.  One can spend hundreds of dollars online paying for songs.   I don't charge my students extra for songs as it is included in the lesson.  I will personally email you an MP3 of your song PLUS a track of your song to practice with.  Once you leave your lesson, your song will be emailed to you along with a track within a day or two. 

Acting Your song

 What makes a song moving, special and incredible?  It is the performer and their personal connection to it.  We as actors, can see countless videos online of performers singing, but the key of how to "Act Your Song" is to personalize the character's experience and relate it to your own.  We are storytellers as actors, and to book a show, or get into a great school, or getting an agent isn't only about how high you can sing, or having a good song, but combining all the essential elements that I teach in my studio. To summarize, a great audition combines vocal technique,  a great song that is right for you, and ACTING YOUR SONG; finding a personal connection to your song, and making the song your own.  ALL of this I will cover in my studio.  With each student I will personally find out what draws you to a song, how to make it your own and how to find your own storytelling path.  It is a very personal process for each student, but we will together find the best path for you to get a great performance, and ultimately, the job, school acceptance, part in a local show or just that solo you are dying to sing at your school.

Audition Technique

There are many misconceptions about "audition technique."  This is an essential topic to discuss, because our lives as actors is...AUDITIONING!  The better we get at it, the more jobs we book and the more comfortable we are with auditioning, which is scary, awful, intimidating, nerve wracking and quite frankly, just stinks!  But we have to do it, and do it well.  I will personally teach each student how to audition.  I will go through each element of the audition process.  Walking into a room, giving a tempo to an accompanist, putting your music down, introducing  yourself, what to wear, how to present yourself and get over the nerves and TAKE CONTROL OVER YOUR AUDITION. 

Just Singing

If you are a student that just wants to sing and have fun  and develop vocally, I also can work with you on this and we can have fun doing it!  When you email me, just let me know your goals and needs and we can plan your lessons accordingly.

Special Workshops

Please always check the home page for special audition workshops specifically given at Jodie Langel Vocal and Acting Studio as these will enhance and further your development as a singer and actor.  Let me clarify, these are different than my Making It On Broadway workshops that I also offer.  These workshops are specifically designed for students of Jodie Langel Vocal and Acting Studio in Boca.  I will fly in Broadway stars, Broadway agents and casting directors and many others for different types of workshops, including professionals here in Florida as well.  They will be listed on the home page and you can email me to get on the list.  Typically, we can host between 12-15 in our workshops.  We are bringing Broadway to Boca everyone!  Keep checking updates and get on those lists!  Also I  strongly encourage you to look at my Making It On Broadway website, www.makingitonbroadway.net  offering workshops for those students  wanting to take it to the next level.

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"I've noticed the current trend of students coming out of conservatories and those desiring a career in musical theatre are lacking the skill to successfully navigate an audition. Unfortunately, formal educational programs in this country are not giving students what they need. Fortunately, there is Jodie Langel. She has the amazing ability to give these students the skills they are missing. I've watched her students transform and leave with the professional skills that have gotten each and every one of them into America's top conservatories."

~ Adrian Zmed


Broadway: GREASE (Danny), BLOOD BROTHERS (Narrator), FALSETTOS (Marvin), CHICAGO (Billy Flynn), Film and TV: GREASE 2, T.J. HOOKER and BACHELOR PARTY.