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What can I expect from a lesson?  Everyone's lesson will start with vocal technique and a warm up. I will then talk in depth to each student about their specific expectations and what they want to achieve during the year.  It varies on each student,  but  I can assure you that every student will have their needs and expectations addressed, and I will see to it that they are getting the right vocal/acting training they need for their level.


What are your specialties as a vocal and acting coach and what sets you apart from other coaches and teachers?

I believe that I have a lot of differentiated aspects of study in my studio.  Many coaches/teachers focus on JUST technique, but in my lesson, you'll learn vocal technique, you'll receive songs that are suited to your voice type, personality and physical type and that are hand tailored to fit each student.  I will recommend the songs to you, and I will personally email you the exact PDFs of the songs, PLUS a vocal track.  This creates less work on parents (and believe me,I know how hard and daunting this task is and im here for you 24/7).   Additionally, I will focus on the Acting of your Song, how to make the song personal to you and gets you connected to the material.  I'll also make sure you know how to talk to your accompanist and you know what to say and deliver.  This is PIVOTAL to your audition.  Relaying how to talk to an accompanist is essential in nailing an audition.  YOU ride the train, not them.  Then we will go over the audition, the material, and how to successfully navigate a good audition. Additionally if you are an advanced singer, I may have the opportunity to get you on tape with some top industry people and casting agents in the busines. Or connect you with a casting agent, agent or director that you want to sing for. We do it ALL at Jodie Langel Vocal and acting studios. If you want it all, you've come to the right place. 


Do you teach brand new singers?  Absolutely!  Do not be scared by all this crazy singer terminology.  I have trained singers who are 5 years old to 50 years old.  Each student will have this opportunity in a very relaxed atmosphere and take time during our lesson to discover what your  true passions are, and find your voice.  Please don't  be intimidated. Be excited!  I have had many students who were brand new singers open up their voices to levels they never anticipated.  At the end of the day, it will be you and I sitting in the studio, addressing your own personal singing fears and overcoming them! 


I already have a singing teacher and coach so would it be helpful to study with you as well?  Many singers and coaches you have studied with have already given you a basis.  The beneficial part of studying with someone new is that it keeps you as the student, fresh.  Do you want to be told 100 million times that you are great or do you want someone that tells you what is working in a song, what isn't working, what's lacking in your material and how to best  MARKET yourself. It is a business and the sooner  you learn you learn about this, the sooner you can arm yourself better for auditions and feel MUCH more prepared. 


I just need a song for the  upcoming audition, can you do that?  Yes, I can hear you sing, evaluate you and give you  song or songs IMMEDIATELY that would be suitable for the audition you are going for, or a specific audition  that you are going to.  This is where my 400, 000 song database comes in handy.  But you MUST schedule a lesson.  I cannot answer these questions via email. 


How do you know if you are singing correctly or need a new voice teacher? I get asked this question all the time.  If you are struggling with a voice teacher that tells you that you sound AMAZING on a song you are working in your voice lesson, and you don't see any progress, CHANGE!   If you are hurting in your throat in ANY way, change teachers.  I do Skype lessons for those who aren't in Florida and the most specific aspect of my teaching is a healthy technique that provides safety for the vocals but that a singer that can adapt to any musical piece written, whether classical, legit or belting. I tailor craft all of these aspects into every singer to bring out the best possible performance of their life. 


How did you learn your specialty?   I learned my specialty when I stepped away from playing Eponine in "Les Miserables"  and after starring in other Broadway tours, and decided to discover myself more as an actor than a singer.  I then wrote my book "Making it on Broadway" and decided to go to Grad school.   I innately knew that ultimately I wanted to teach and direct.  Once I attended U.C.L.A and got my Masters in Acting,  I went back to NY and got cast as the lead in the Off Broadway musical  "I Love you you're perfect now change".    I really wanted to discover what  goes on at auditions and what was the key to a good audition. I started volunteering my time filling in as a monitor on auditions and writing down EVERY audition song that I thought were good. As a result I was attending almost 200 auditions in a week!   I did this for a total of three years.  That, combined with obsessingly going on the internet and finding new songs, and having a "secret resource" to get me audition pieces that I wanted has led to my having 400,000 songs in my database.   


Can I pay per lesson or do I have to prepay a package?  You can pay per lesson but please look at our cancellation policy on the scheduling and payment page.  Any lessons received less than 48 hours require full payment. 


Do you work with students who have vocal issues?  Absolutely and this is something that I feel strongly about. I am a huge advocate about vocal health both vocal wise and speaking wise.  I know both aspects from well respected doctors at University of Miami so I'm happy to discuss that with any new potential client.  This is a discreet topic only discussed between the student and I, but I have a large background of information on vocal health both on a speaking and singing level.


Can I get a lesson on the weekend or on Skype? Yes, I do skype lessons!! Please email me at jodielangel@makingitonbroadway.net. 


How do I sign up for a lesson?  Go to the Contact page. 


What is the youngest student you teach?  11 and up! 


Do you only teach those aspiring for professional jobs? No!  As you have read from my statements above I teach EVERY level of student from the novice to the working professional. 


Do you offer group lesson sessions?  YES YES AND YES. I will be flying out Broadway veterans, casting directors, agents and local casting and networking opportunities for workshops at my studio.  Please ALWAYS check our homepage for updates! 


Will you come to me for my lesson?  Once in while, depending on my concert and show bookings, I will come to a certain city.  If you feel that you can get 20 or more plus students,   please email me at jodielangel@makingitonbroadway.net  for more info.  I LOVE coming to new cities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can tailor a workshop to whatever your city needs, wants.  We definately need 25 students or more to make it happen. If you feel that you can do this in your city, please email me ASAP as our next year is filling up rather quickly! 


How do I find out about upcoming workshops you offer?  Go to the Home page.. We will always be filling you in on latest workshops!


What are credits? Credits are roles that you have on your resume.  No matter how big or small put them on there, but not too many!  If you really want to know how to do your resume take one of our intensives.  Every one of my private voice students gets a $200 discount tuition on my Making it on Broadway workshops (www.makingitonbroadway.net).


What is the difference between your coaching and your Making It On Broadway musical theater intensives?  Our Making it on Broadway intensives are differentiated instruction in Vocal Technique, Acting your song, Build you book, Audition Technique, Acting, Business, Dance and Pop rock with Natalie Weiss.  Again every private student of mine gets a 200 dollar discount on our next intensive.  The two intensives we have coming up are:  College Intensive with  All the heads of the College conservatories,and the Miami intensive from Dec 26- Dec 31st.  Please email our Director of Programming, Miles Sternfeld at makingitonbroadwaynyc@gmail.com.   Spots are filling up fast!!