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Summer Audition Prep Intensive NYC July 13-18, 2020!

Don't miss this workshop!

Jodie Langel is the CEO and head of "Making it on Broadway" which is an an audition intensive in New York City that... only taught by Broadway professionals, therefore each student is getting the very best training in the country. Students take classes in and not limited to, Acting Your Song, Build your Book, Pop/Rock, Dance, Acting, Business, Business for Parents, and every single student gets to sing in a master class. At the end of this exciting week, every student gets a private audition for a Broadway agent and casting director!

Making It On Broadway is not like other intensives where a celebrity comes in and only a few people get to sing for them. Every single student gets one-on-one time with a distinguished Broadway professional. We keep our class size small so EVERYONE gets to sing in a master class! This summer, Master Classes will be led by Erika Henningsen and Sierra Boggess! Go to for more information!

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